This tutorial shows you how to keep your plugin’s custom fields from being manually edited in the post editor. Very handy, and it keeps things nice and neat!

Many plugins use custom fields to store data about individual posts. When a plugin adds a custom fields, its key and value (or name and value) are listed in the Custom Fields meta box. For instance, a syntax highlighting plugin may set a custom field syntax_enabled on posts that use the syntax highlighting CSS. Often the user doesn’t need to see this information and it can lead to needless confusion. Unless the user needs to edit these custom field values there’s really no need to have them listed here.

How to Hide Custom FieldsCustom fields can be hidden from the Custom Fields meta box quite easily. Typically custom fields are added by using the following code:


add_post_meta($id, ‘name’, ‘value’);

To hide your custom field from user view, simply start the name of your custom field with and underscore (“_”). So create your custom field like this:


add_post_meta($id, ‘_name’, ‘value’);

Your custom field is now hidden!

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