Introduction WordPress block themes allow you to build flexible, customizable sites using the block editor. In this post, we’ll highlight 20 of the most popular free block themes for WordPress as of 20th July, 2023. 

Block themes make use of the WordPress block editor, allowing for more flexible and customized website designs. If you’re looking for a modern, versatile theme for your WordPress site, block themes are worth considering.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 20 most popular free block themes for WordPress. The data on installation numbers and other details comes from the WordPress theme directory and some great work from Hendrik Luehrsen who compiled the data. 

It’s worth noting that the top two themes, Twenty Twenty-Two and Twenty Twenty-Three, have high install numbers partially because they are set as the default themes in new WordPress installations. The numbers don’t fully reflect active selection and use of the themes. Beyond these default themes, the rest of the list represents themes that users have actively chosen to install on their sites.

Twenty Twenty-Three The default WordPress theme for 2023 with over 1 million installs. Clean, spacious design from

1,000,000+ installs Author: Twenty Twenty-Two Last year’s default WordPress theme still going strong. Soft, subtle grid-based layout.

600,000+ installs Author: Raft Elegant, blog-focused theme with homepage carousel. Great for media sites.

10,000+ installs Author: ThemeIsle YITH Wonder Playful, creative theme. Whimsical header styles and color options.

10,000+ installs Author: YITH Themes Zeever Ultra-minimalist theme focusing on clarity. Clean, generous whitespace.

10,000+ installs Author: jegstudio Intrace Sleek, professional theme for corporate sites and online magazines.

6,000+ installs Author: jegstudio Startupzy Modern, visually bold theme for startups and tech brands.

5,000+ installs Author: jegstudio BizBoost Multipurpose business theme with lots of customization options.

4,000+ installs Author: Catch Themes Jaxon Creative theme with colorful accents and homepage layout options.

4,000+ installs Author: ThemeIsle Björk Beautiful portfolio theme with fullscreen gallery templates.

4,000+ installs Author: Anlino Extendable Modular theme focused on extending its capabilities with blocks.

4,000+ installs Author: Extendify Zoologist Nature-inspired theme with customizable layouts and colors.

4,000+ installs Author: Automattic Spectra One Sleek, professional theme for agencies and creative businesses.

3,000+ installs Author: Brainstorm Force Fork Blog and magazine theme with bold featured posts.

3,000+ installs Author: ThemeIsle Riverbank Outdoorsy, adventure-focused theme for nature sites.

3,000+ installs Author: ThemeIsle Ona Feminine style theme designed for creatives and bloggers.

3,000+ installs Author: DeoThemes Frost Simple blog theme with clean typography from WPEngine.

2,000+ installs Author: WPEngine Zino Spotlights photos with full-width galleries and slideshows.

2,000+ installs Author: maneshtimilsina Inspiro Blocks Page builder integrated theme for customizable layouts.

2,000+ installs Author: WPZOOM Elevated Lite Business theme with multiple header and color options.

2,000+ installs Author: Rising Themes Here is an expanded section covering the top 20 authors on by number of themes:

Top 20 Authors by WordPress Themes Below are the top 20 authors on based on the number of themes they have published. This provides an overview of some of the most prolific theme developers in the WordPress ecosystem.

1. Automattic 30 themes 17,200 total installs Automattic is the company behind and contributes official themes like TwentyTwenty and more.

2. Codeyatri 26 themes 14,280 total installs Codeyatri offers a diverse collection of creative themes for blogs, businesses, portfolios, and more.

3. Catch Themes 18 themes 13,700 total installs Catch Themes creates customizable premium and free themes for all types of sites.

4. jegstudio 15 themes 30,300 total installs Jegstudio focuses on fast, SEO-optimized themes for blogs, magazines, startups, and businesses.

5. WowThemes 14 themes 4,160 total installs WowThemes designs modern, elegant themes with a focus on conversion and marketing.

6. UXL 10 themes 2,550 total installs UXL offers minimalist themes designed for clarity and easy navigation.

7. Fly2sky 8 themes 1,900 total installs Fly2sky creates simple, fast-loading themes for new bloggers.

8. Anlino 7 themes 9,500 total installs Anlino focuses on creative portfolios and photography themes.

9. Grace Themes 7 themes 750 total installs Grace Themes provides free themes for churches, non-profits, and religious organizations.

10. Olive Themes 7 themes 3,400 total installs Olive Themes offers multimedia and WooCommerce focused themes.

11. Wpradiant 7 themes 1,590 total installs Wpradiant designs modern business themes with lots of customization options.

12. Blockify 6 themes 3,900 total installs Blockify builds Gutenberg-specific block-based themes for designers.

13. Deothemes 6 themes 4,700 total installs Deothemes creates themes focused on femininity and creatives.

14. Sparklewpthemes 6 themes 2,020 total installs SparkleWP offers lightweight themes optimized for speed.

15. Wpenjoy 6 themes 3,100 total installs Wpenjoy focuses on SEO and marketing-ready themes.

16. Eagle Themes 5 themes 900 total installs Eagle Themes provides magazine and blog themes.

17. ThemeIsle 5 themes 21,000 total installs ThemeIsle is known for their free Gutenberg and block-enabled themes.

18. ThemeZee 5 themes 4,600 total installs ThemeZee offers themes for creatives like artists, writers, and photographers.

19. Bgardner 4 themes 1,600 total installs Bgardner provides photography and portfolio-focused themes.

20. Creathemes 4 themes 360 total installs Creathemes designs app and software landing page themes.

Conclusion This overview covers 20 of the most active theme creators on, according to total number of themes published. The designers highlighted range from individuals to teams, and cover themes catering to blogs, businesses, agencies, creatives, photographers, churches, and more.

While plugin compatibility, customization options, and visual design are important factors when choosing a WordPress theme, the reputation and support of the theme author should also be considered. An experienced developer who actively maintains their themes will provide a better long-term experience compared to untested or abandoned projects.

When evaluating themes for your next WordPress site, be sure to look beyond the demo and check into the author’s history and current status in the community. The creators profiled above are a sampling of the many talented theme developers active in the WordPress ecosystem today. Their work provides endlessly diverse options to make every WordPress site unique.

Additionally, some of the most popular current themes covered earlier include Twenty Twenty-Three, Raft, YITH Wonder, Zeever, and Intrace. Leading theme authors like Automattic, Catch Themes, ThemeIsle, and JegsStudio have cultivated libraries of customizable designs for sites of all kinds.

By reviewing both the most widely used themes and their creators’ reputations, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect theme to achieve your WordPress site goals. The theme options highlighted in this piece represent just a fraction of the thousands available to transform your site’s design and user experience.

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