In this interview I chat to Kevin Geary about the WordPress Gutenberg Project and the future of Page Builders like Bricks and Elementor.

Here’s a summary of our conversion

Kevin Geary’s Perspective on Gutenberg and Page Builders: Kevin, known for his YouTube channel focusing on the Bricks builder, has been a critic of the Gutenberg project. In the interview, he provides insights into where he sees the future of Gutenberg and page builders. Challenges with the Evolving WordPress Market: The WordPress industry is rapidly evolving, causing constant changes and uncertainties. There’s a divide between page builders that cater to beginners to advanced users and the native WordPress environment, which includes Gutenberg. Kevin questions whether WordPress can unify these different elements for a seamless user experience. Potential Threat to Page Builders: If WordPress manages to integrate all its elements smoothly, page builders might face significant challenges as users might prefer the native environment. However, if WordPress fails in this integration, page builders could continue to grow in popularity. The Role of AI in Website Building Tools: Various platforms, including Wix, have started to introduce AI in their tools, primarily for marketing and PR. However, there’s a debate on how useful this integration is, with Kevin suggesting that AI might replace many middle-tier designers. Challenges with Open Source Projects: Open-source projects like WordPress often face complexities in vision and leadership, leading to a perceived lack of clarity in their development process. Kevin argues that WordPress needs to define its target audience and cater to them instead of trying to appeal to everyone.

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